Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Updates

Great news!  Michigan Medical Practices can still qualify for the Medicare Meaningful Use incencive available for 2012.  Installation should be planned for completion by August or September, because some testing is usually necessary before beginning the 90-day reporting period.  As noted below, the final day to begin reporting for 2012 is October 3 to take advantage of the $18,000 reimursement.  For more information, take a look at the CMS website by clicking here.

Important Medicare Dates

  • October 1, 2011 – Reporting year begins for eligible hospitals and CAHs
  • January 1, 2012 – Reporting year begins for eligible professionals
  • May 2012 – EHR Incentive Payments begin
  • July 3, 2012– Last day for eligible hospitals to begin their 90-day reporting period to demonstrate meaningful use for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program
  • September 30, 2012 – Last day of the federal fiscal year. Reporting year ends for eligible hospitals and CAHs
  • October 3, 2012 – Last day for eligible professionals to begin their 90-day reporting period for calendar year 2012 for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program!
  • November 30, 2012 – Last day for eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals to register and attest to receive an Incentive Payment for FY 2012 under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program
  • December 31, 2012 – Reporting year ends for eligible professionals
  • February 28, 2013 – Last day for eligible professionals to register and attest to receive an Incentive Payment for calendar year (CY) 2012

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