gloEMR Details

gloEMR from gloStream is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use EMR solutions on the market today.  Built on the Microsoft Office platform, gloEMR features an intuitive dashboard, single-click access to all patient information, fully customizable templates, and integrated voice recognition technology.  Best of all, gloEMR is always backed by locally and around-the-clock by your Resource Data Systems Team.

The gloEMR dashboard gives everyone at the practice a quick view of critical patient information, such as medications, orders and labs, with just a single click.

Through the gloEMR dashboard, medical practice staff can:

  • View a patient’s contact and insurance information
  • Track a patient’s location from admission to discharge
  • Send electronic tasks to practice staff
  • Order labs and refill prescriptions

In addition, staff can always view daily, weekly or monthly schedules in a familiar, easy-to-read, Microsoft Outlook-like format.  Staff can create their very own exam note templates, and other personalized documents.  Patient records are continuously synchronized from user to user, and server to server, and remote access is available around the clock.

Voice recognition technology further simplifies and speeds up the patient encounter process.  Real-time exam notes, complete with commonly used content such as treatment plans, consent orders and the like, can be generated immediately by voice command. Voice recognition technology can also be used to:

  • Print prescriptions and educational materials
  • Enter diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Place orders for diagnostic tests
  • Fax referral letters

There are many more attributes available in this flexible software.  For more information, click here to reroute to gloStream site, or please contact Jen Heard, Medical Account Manager at Resource Data Systems via email at or by calling 248.827.7050 x 121.

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