EMR Overview

Resource Data Systems is now a gloStream Certified gloEMR provider!  That means we can demonstrate, sell, install and maintain gloEMR Electronic Medical Record software for your medical practice.  gloEMR is the Microsoft Office of Medical Practice Software, and now is the time to consider the future for your patients and your medical practice.

  • gloEMR Won’t Slow You Down  –  gloEMR from gloStream is the only EMR with Microsoft Office built right in, so it’s easy to customize and collaborate with staff.
  • gloEMR Pays for Itself  –  It offers a quick return on investment with $44,000 to $63,750 Stimulus money, lower operating costs, and a tax deduction.
  • gloEMR Improves Efficiency  –  It streamlines processes within your office and will lead to increased productivity and efficiency without expensive programming.
  • gloEMR Improves Patient Service  –  It leverages tools and processes that reduce medical errors, reduce wait times and help staff focus on the patient rather than the chart.
  • gloEMR is the only EMR that comes with a 15-day Money Back Success Guarantee.
  • gloEMR Is There When You Need It  –  You can rely on the proven Microsoft Office platform, and support from Resource Data Systems, your exclusive local technology partner.

“gloStream is an EMR company enjoying success and popularity due in part to their integration of Microsoft Office as their solution’s documentation engine, making it at once familiar and intuitive for clinical end users.”  – Dr. Bill Crounse, Senior Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft

For your no obligation evaluation by the Resource Data Systems Team, please contact Jen Heard, Medical Account Manager, at jenheard@rdsc.net or call 248.827.7050 x121.

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