About Us

About Resource Data Systems Corporation

Resource Data Systems Corporation (RDSC) is an IT managed services provider, designed to reduce costs, increase profits and mitigate business risks to health care, finance, general business, non profits, government, and legal markets, located in Bingham Farms, Michigan.  At RDSC, our focus is to help physicians deliver better care, increase efficiencies and meet Meaningful Use requirements without a reduction in patient encounters by providing doctors with personalized solutions and local support.  For more information regarding EMR or Practice Management Solutions, contact Jen Heard, Account Manager at jenheard@rdsc.net or call 248.827.7050 x121.

About gloStream

gloStream provides doctors with certified, voice-enabled electronic medical record and practice management solutions delivered and supported through a nationwide community of local technology partners such as Resource Data Systems. gloStream products are secure, easy-to-use applications and the only solutions on the market with Microsoft Office built right-in. gloStream partners leverage gloDNA, an innovative implementation process that allows gloStream to offer its 15-Day Money Back Success Guarantee. gloStream guarantees that if it can’t get a practice back to full patient load within 15 days of implementing gloEMR, the company will provide a full refund for all gloStream software and services. For more information, visit www.glostream.com, email info@glostream.com or call 877-456-3671.

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